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The world's

most detailed AI

conflict events


The world's most detailed AI

conflict events database. scans millions of social media posts and websites connected to conflicts, creating detailed maps and linking them to explosive ordnance.




AI-Powered News search

  • Using AI to do the work of hundreds of human analysts in seconds.
  • Revolutionary information gathering using the Fenix Insight AI system, image recognition, and NLP for unparalleled interpreted News Intelligence.

Global monitoring

  • Tens of millions of internet and social media searches every day. Highlighting key incidents as they occur.
  • Monitoring more than 90 countries in multiple languages, using AI to gather, validate, and interpret data from almost 2 million online sources.

On demand analysis

  • The worlds data at your fingertips: find the data you need instantly to keep your projects on time, on budget and your people safe.
  • Up to date dynamic mapping, timelines, hotspots, geospatial layers, munition categories, charting and News trend analysis.

Unrivalled technical information

  • Thousands of detailed munition and technical platform data
  • Tens of thousands of high definition images and technical documents.
  • Hundreds of thousands of munition related events.

World class analysts

  • Subject matter experts with decades of operational and analytical experience.
  • Exclusive insights from our expert team to give you a strategic edge in navigating technical challenges.

Dedicated support

  • A seamless extension of your team, dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives and goals.
  • Putting your success first by pairing you with a skilled account manager to navigate challenges and drive strategic outcomes.

Seeing is believing.

Watch our short video (49 secs) to see for yourself how we combine internet data and fast AI training to provide actionable intelligence to governments, businesses and NGOs.

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